Safe Ride Campaign Video Aims To Get Men Involved in Preventing Sexual Assault. 7/12/2016


Sonke has partnered with the South African National Taxi Association
Council (SANTACO) to encourage men to get actively involved in
preventing every-day incidents of harassment and gender-based violence
in taxis and at taxi ranks.

According to Philip Taaibosch, president of SANTACO: “We transport
about 15 million passengers each day and our responsibility as members
of the taxi industry is to ensure that people get to their destinations
safely. Every passenger needs to feel safe in our taxis. When I, as a
taxi driver see a woman or child being abused by another, I must report
it to the police”, Taaibosch added.

The campaign, which launched in August this year will criss-cross the
country to educate the taxi community about how they can help prevent
and stop harassment of, and sexual violence against, women and children.

Download a guide to supporting survivors of sexual violence here – including important contact numbers as well as practical advice on supporting a survivor of abuse physically and emotionally.